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The spaceship, Terran-1 just left Earth’s atmosphere. It had a crew complement of thirty-five, that consisted of scientists and military humans including one AI. Mixy, the AI will keep the ship afloat while the humans were in cryo-sleep in their stasis pods. Terran-1 was on an expedition to a planet in the Andromeda galaxy 2.5 million light-years from Earth in the Milky Way galaxy. It was an uninhabited terrestrial exoplanet with an atmosphere similar to Earth according to the NASA space Hubble. Just maybe it could be home to thousands of earthlings.

They fell out of warp drive after traveling at warp 9. The crew was laughing and crying simultaneously when they caught a glimpse of Earth through the ship’s windows.

Lisa, the leader of the scientists motioned to Commander Lester, the leader of the military team. “Come on Tommy, put that gun away. You can play with it on the planet.”

The whole crew burst out laughing.

Tommy raised a brow. “I’ll remember this day, Lisa.” He put his laser gun away before joining the rest of the crew for a celebration with champagne.

Mixy appeared behind. “You. Have. Two. Hours. Be. Fore. Cryo. Sleep,” she announced.

Lisa’s golden-brown eyes glinted when Olivia pushed herself between Lisa’s legs. She bent forward whispering. “I think we have enough time for some fun. We’re going to be 100 years without any.” She gave Lisa’s earlobe a lick to tease her.

“Oh my god, Olivia there’s no place to do it.”

“Let’s check out the stasis chamber?”

When Lisa jumped to her feet, she grabbed hold of her girlfriend’s arm. “Let’s do that indeed.”

“Ohh, ahh, someone’s in a hurry to get laid before cryo,” Tommy called out.

Everyone laughed again at his remark.

Lisa flipped him her middle finger before disappearing into the stasis chamber with Olivia on her heels.

“There are no doors here.”

“Let’s open one of the pods,” Olivia suggested.

Lisa shook her head. “No, we can’t take that chance.” She glanced around the chamber. “There,” she motioned to a dark corner. She took Olivia’s hand dragging her to the corner.

“I don’t know why you want to hide. Everyone knows what we’re doing here,” Olivia giggled.

“I don’t care if they know. I’m not showing anyone my tits or ass. So, get into that corner. She shoved Olivia against the wall. Their mouths connected. Hungrily they sucked each other’s tongues and lips.

Lisa broke away first. “Good god, undo those uniform buttons. My fingers are numb from struggling.”

While Olivia undid her uniform buttons, Lisa followed her example.

When the two of them stood only with their panties and bras, they grabbed hold of each other again.

Olivia crouched in front of Lisa while moving her panty to the side. She glanced up at her. “I want your taste in my mouth when we go into stasis.” Without hesitation, she pushed her tongue between Lisa’s pussy lips. After licking a few times, she took the hard nub in her mouth sucking on it.

Lisa convulsed when she reached the height of her orgasm in silence. That was a difficult task because she was usually loud in bed. Her legs could barely hold her upright when Olivia stopped sucking.

With ease, Olivia came upright finding Lisa’s lips again, planting soft kisses and licks on her mouth.

Lisa took one of Olivia’s pink nipples in her mouth, suckling on it while her hand finds its way down Olivia’s stomach. She moved her hand inside the panties then between the lips finding a soaking wet pussy and a rock-hard clit.

“Hmmm, someone’s very, very horny,” she remarked before moving to the other nipple while brushing her finger slowly over that hard wet nub.

Olivia moaned before muttering. “Yes. I had this in mind since we’ve boarded the ship.”

She reached her climax sooner than usual. While panting, she pushed Lisa’s fingers inside her wet pussy. “Oh, go deeper,” she muttered. Olivia wrapped her leg over Lisa’s waist. “Deeper, please,” she begged. “Yes,” she hollered as she burst into another electrifying orgasm.

Both of them plunged to the floor, panting.

“Oh god, space sex is intense.”

Lisa giggled. “I agree but I think we need to get dressed,” she said before standing up.

They were hardly dressed when the crew entered the stasis chamber.

“I hope that was enjoyable because you won’t have any for the next hundred years,” Tommy stated with a smile on his face.

Lisa moved closer to him whispering. “Remember, I get to set the timers of the pods. I just might enter an incorrect date. So shut up, Commander.”

Tommy held his hands up. “I surrender,” he chuckled.

Mixy joined them after all of them were dressed in white sheer cloth for the pods. The AI cleared away all clothing and personal belongings from the floor. She placed each member’s belongings in different sealable containers.

Olivia and Lisa were the last ones to go into the pods.

Lisa kissed her on the forehead. “See you on the other side,” she whispered before sealing the pod. After setting the timer and adjust the thermometer she strolled towards her pod.

Mixy stood next to the pod awaiting orders.

“Look well after them,” Lisa said as she moved into the pod.

“Mixy. Will. Look. Well. After. You. Too. Lisa.”

Lisa smiled as the pod’s lid slid close.

Mixy punched in the numbers she was programmed with. She left the stasis chamber heading back to the ship’s control room setting the speed to warp 9.


Forty years into the mission, Terran-1 fell out of warp midst a meteor shower. One of the huge meteors ripped a gap in the ship’s hull right next to the engine room destroying the controls as well as part of the warp drive.

The huge spaceship with its dented hull drifted in the expanse.

Mixy worked for two days. She fixed the hull that same day, but the warp drive was giving her trouble taking up all her time.

A starship half its size latched onto the spaceship.

A crew of ten women in black spacesuits crawled up the shaft to the entrance of the ship.

Mixy stood with a laser gun ready to blow away whatever came through the entrance door.

“Captain, there’s an armed AI in front of the entrance.”

“Oh let me through. Since when are you scared of an AI?” Captain Zara set her gun on pulverizing. She blasted the door of the entrance open. Not even aiming she disintegrated everything in the way of her gun.

The intruders rushed through the entrance, aiming their guns to shoot anything that moved.

“Will you manage to find the stasis pods, or do I have to do it myself too?” Zara hollered.

Her crew replied in unison that they would manage.

The nine women each took a direction searching for the stasis pods.

“Captain,” one of her crew called out. “Captain, come quick.”

In front of them on the floor lied a half-naked woman.

Zara scanned the stasis chamber. All the other pods were intact. She stepped closer to the open pod that lied on its side on the floor. “Something gave this ship a severe blow, but why didn’t the other pods fell off their stands too?”

“There was a meteor shower two days ago, Captain,” Ceana, the second in command pointed out.

 “That’s why the ship is adrift.” Zara eyed the ship once more. “Salvage what you can. Get an oxygen mask for this one and cover her before you move her to our ship.” She glanced at the rest of the pods. “Collect the rest of the females and destroy the non-females.” She made her way out of the stasis chamber. “I hope you know how to unlock the pods without killing the females,” she called out before disappearing down the passage.

One of the young recruits found Zara at the helm of the ship before she reported. “We found seven females. We crashed the non-females’ pods. They won’t survive, Captain.”

Zara nodded. With the back of her gun, she destroyed the helm. If someone would find the remains of this ship someday, the recordings would be ruined.

Zara left the ship last.

After they detached their ship, Zara gave orders. “Blow up that ship then take us into hyperdrive.”

While in hyperdrive, Lisa regained consciousness. Her eyes fluttered open. “Where am I?” she asked before taking off the mask.

One of Zara’s crewmembers noticed that the human struggled to breathe. She placed the mask back on her face. “Keep it on. Our aerosphere is different from yours.”

Lisa smacked the mask off her face. “Where am I?” she cried out.

Zara grabbed the mask. She pushed it onto Lisa’s face. “If you want to live, keep the mask on.” Her eyes met the human’s eyes golden brown.

Lisa locked eyes with the captain of the ship. “Your eyes are violet…” She blacked out before she could finish her sentence.

Zara blinked a few times before she dared to look at any of her crewmembers.

“We’re almost home, Captain,” the Astro-pilot notified.

“Take us out of hyperdrive, Adea,” Captain Zara ordered. She glanced at the human before crouching down. “In prophet’s name keep this mask on your face, woman,” she scoffed. “You cannot breathe in our aerosphere. Can you understand me?” Zara tapped the side of her neck. “Is this translator working?”

“The translators are in good working condition, Captain. I’ve checked the translator console this morning.”

“Well, this human doesn’t understand that she will die without the mask.” Zara jumped to her feet. “How far, Adea?”

“Shall I go into slow impulse, Captain?”

Zara sank into her command chair. “Yes. I’m tired. I want to be in my unit.” She leaned backward shutting her eyes. Instead of resting, golden-brown eyes popped into her mind’s eye. Such beautiful vibrant eyes.


Zara’s eyes remained shut.

“Captain, Queen Leneveath wants to communicate,” Adea said a bit louder.

Zara’s eyes flung open as she slid upright in her chair. “My queen, how can I help you?”

The viewscreen turned on automatically when Zara replied.

“You look tired, dearest Captain. It seems to have been a long day. I hope it was a fruitful one.” Her long wavy blonde hair hung over her shoulders. Her ocean-blue eyes glistened while looking at Zara.

Zara stood up from her seat. She took a bow before replying. “It was fruitful indeed, my queen. We found eight human females. Unfortunately, the others were non-female, but we discarded them.

“How many were there on that ship, Zara?” The queen kept on smiling as she talked with her captain.

“There were thirty-four humans and one AI, my queen.”

“I can’t wait to see what you salvage. I hope you have something pleasant for me.” Her face flushed as she tried to hide a giggle.

“I’m sure your majesty will find a few things pleasant.” Zara took a bow. She waited until the viewscreen went black before she sat back down in her chair.

She shut her eyes again. What was she going to give the queen? The human with the golden eyes, yes, she would like her. Her head fell back onto the headrest. She couldn’t give her the golden-eyed human…

“Entering Vitari aerosphere, Captain.”

“Hmm,” Zara uttered. For the first time in the 40 cycles of her life, she wanted to flee the colony. Many other colonies would welcome her.

“Intara colony insight, Captain. Get ready for landing all,” Adea announced while taking them to zero impulse. She was relying on the momentum of the ship to push them forward until they reached the docking platform.


The seven women of the Terran-1 spaceship were still unconscious when they were removed from the starship. Lisa glanced around the platform. Why were there only seven stretchers? Where were the rest? She tried to sit upright to see if she could recognize the faces of her seven crewmembers.

A pair of large hands forced her down by grabbing her shoulders. “Lie down. We don’t want to pick you up from the floor for a second time.” The voice was harsh. There was strength in those hands, or maybe she was just too weak to resist.

She watched as they unloaded the spacecraft. Some of the crates were familiar. It was their food supply for when they would land on the planet in the Andromeda galaxy. The other crates were probably their personal belongings, clothing, soap, toothbrushes.

She adjusted the mask on her face. It was hurting her, probably too tight. She dared not taking it off again. It was then that she noticed that the crew from the starship were not wearing their spacesuits anymore. Most of them looked like humans. A few looked different. Not scary though. Some had huge hands, others had large heads, and some even had tentacles on the top of their heads. All of them were rushing to empty the cargo bay of the starship.

Her head flung sideways when she heard a familiar voice. “We’ll get you to your unit in a bit. You first have to visit the san for a physical before they will take you to your unit.”

Lisa smiled faintly. “You’re the one whose eyes turned violet.”

Zara’s face flushed. “You are mistaken, human.” She turned away, yelling. “Take this human to the san immediately.”

Lisa watched her saunter away. Her shoulder-length raven hair bobbed with every step she took. She wore black leather trousers with a leather jacket as well as a black leather trench coat reaching her knees. She eyed her until she was out of sight.

When Lisa’s stretcher moved, she glanced up to the one pushing it. “Who was that person with the raven hair?”

“She’s our captain. Captain Zara and that is her starship, the Dagrah.”

“Is she human?”

“No, you and your seven crew members are the only humans here on Vitari.”

“What is your name?” Lisa asked, still eyeing the being.

“You ask too many questions, human.”

The being entered a huge bright room. She pushed her into a cubicle before she called out to one of the others. “She’s human, conscious, and much too inquisitive.”

A being in a white overcoat joined them with a smile on her face. “You would be inquisitive too if you were on an unknown planet, Ula.” She placed her hand on Lisa’s arm. “You can go, thank you, Ula.”

Yellow eyes stared into Lisa’s golden-brown eyes. Except for the yellow eyes, this being’s whole skin was a golden yellow color. Well, for the parts that Lisa could see at least.

“My name is Qalu. I will be your examiner. If you’re in good health, you can go to your unit.

Lisa nodded. “Is the rest of my crew here?”

Qalu shook her head. “You’re the first one they brought in. Your crew is perhaps still on their way.”

After a full examination, the yellow being smiled again at Lisa. “I will get someone to take you to your unit. We made your unit’s aerosphere to be compatible with you. You may remove the mask when you’re inside. Remember to put it back on when you leave the unit.”

The same being that brought her to the san, took her to the unit. She helped Lisa to get up from the stretcher. “All your belongings are here. If you miss something, let me know and I will look into it.” Ula bowed before she took hold of the stretcher.

“How did you know that these are my belongings?”

Ula turned to face her. “The crates were labeled and so were the pods. We can read, you know and we are intelligent species.”

Lisa shook her head. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you, Ula. I only forgot that our stasis pods were labeled too. If I may ask another question. Why did you only take seven of my crew? Where are the rest of them?”

“That is two questions.” Ula crossed her arms. “Our planet exists of females only. Now you can work out the rest by yourself.” She didn’t wait for a comment. She turned back to the stretcher leaving the room without shutting the door.

Lisa stared blankly in front of her. They were eight women on the ship. Did these beings kill all the men? Tommy, Keith, Saul… She glowered at the white wall in front of her. These barbarians killed her friends.

She plucked the mask off her face before shoving it into a corner while tears ran down her face.

Lisa fell onto the bed burying her face into the pillow to conceal her screams.

“You need to be careful about how you handle that mask. It’s your lifeline to our aerosphere,” a deep voice informed her.

Lisa jumped upright wiping her eyes and face. Hatred filled her eyes as she stormed up to Zara. “You’re the captain who gave orders for them to kill my friends,” she hollered.

Zara got hold of Lisa’s hands hammering against her chest. Still holding her arms, Zara swung her around shoving Lisa against her. “Yes, I gave the orders. We are a non-female planet. When we capture other species, we kill their non-females too.” Her voice was loud, deep, and full of anger.

Lisa squirmed to get away from her enemy. “They were my friends.

Zara tightened her grip. “Please understand our situation – ”

“Let go of me,” Lisa yelled as she cut Zara off mid-sentence. “I don’t want to understand your situation or your excuses. You are murderers, barbaric murderers. I want off this planet. I want to go back to Earth.”

The being loosened her grip.

Lisa escaped from Zara’s grasp. “Don’t you ever touch me again.”

Zara nodded. “As you wish,” she said in a soft voice. “Victuals time will be in half an hour. Remember to wear your mask.” Her coat flapped behind her when she swung around to leave the room. “Keep this door shut at all times,” she continues before slamming the door shut.

Lisa startled when the door slammed.


A viewscreen opened on the wall next to Zara. She stopped when the queen’s voice came through before her face was noticeable.

“Captain, I’m waiting for you. I believe unloading the cargo bay of your ship was done more than an hour ago.”

“I apologize, your majesty. I’ve misjudged my timing. I will be there right now.” Zara rolled her eyes when the viewscreen closed. A sigh escaped her lips before she marched over to the queen’s manor.

Queen Leneveath exposed her pearly whites when Zara entered the capital hall.

She held out her hand. Her skin was pale. Her fingers slender, elegant with long black nails. A huge ruby ring set in gold sparkled on her ring finger.

Zara kneeled in front of her before taking the pale stretched out hand. Her lips met the queen's cold hand. “I’m sorry for being late, your majesty,” she apologized again before letting go of the pale hand. Zara took a few steps backward as she faked a smile.

“You promised me something pleasant, remembered?”

Zara nodded. “I haven’t forgotten, your majesty. I still have to go through –”

“Silence,” the queen squawked as she jumped from her throne. “You promised me something when you got back. You never said you still have to look for it.” The pale face reddened with anger. “I want it now.”

In a submissive position, Zara replied. “I wanted to give you one of the women of your choice, but seven of them are still unconscious in the san, your majesty.”

Queen Leneveath sat down on the thrown. “Stop groveling and get me the one that is awake.” The queen smiled before she continued. “Unless you’re keeping her for yourself, Captain?”

Zara shook her head. “Of course not, my queen.” In a bowed position, she walked backward. “I will fetch her now.”

After she shut the tall iron doors of the capital hall, she fell with her back against the doors, sinking slowly to the floor.

She knew this was going to happen. The queen was not an idiot. She probably saw what happened in the human’s unit. She might have heard what the human said about her eyes turning violet in the ship when they were still on the platform. There were comms everywhere and viewscreens could open up anywhere in the complex.

Zara sighed before she brought herself to her feet. The queen would get what the queen wanted. And she wanted the human who was awake.

The doors swooshed open after Zara punched a few keys on the console next to the door.

Lisa swirled around. “What the fuck are you doing here again?” she shouted.

“The queen wants to see you. I’m just following orders.”

“Ah, you have a queen? Is she just as evil as you and the rest of the crew?” Lisa threw her hands in the air. “Of course she is. She’s the one giving most of the orders.” She turned back to the crate she was unpacking before she was interrupted. “Tell her I’m busy.”

Zara stormed towards Lisa. She threw the kicking and screaming human over her shoulder. “Where’s your mask?”

“Put me down,” Lisa screamed as she kept on hammering against Zara’s back.

“You can’t breathe without it outside this unit. Tell me where it is, now.” The being threw her onto the bed. “Get your mask and put it on. The queen is waiting.” She crossed her arms waiting for the human to make a move.

Lisa stretched out her arms before bending them behind her head. “I refuse to tell you. If you want me, you can take me without it.”

“You will die, you stupid human.” Zara turned away. She could feel the burning in her eyes, knowing that they glinted violet again. How could she like this human and be so angry with her simultaneously? She blinked a few times before returning her gaze to Lisa. “I will get another mask. It will take a few minutes to manufacture it, but I will return and you will go with me to our queen.” With that said, Zara debouched from of the unit, slamming the door shut.

After a few minutes, Zara returned with a mask as well as three women in military uniform.

She held out the mask. “Put it on. Our queen is getting impatient.”

Lisa shook her head. “She’s not my fucking queen,” she muttered.

The three women jumped her. As they held her down, Zara placed the mask over Lisa’s face. “Bring her,” she ordered while marching out of the unit for the third time today.

The three soldiers carried the screeching and squirming human until they reached the capital hall’s doors where they put her down.

“Are you going to behave?” Zara asked. “If not, we will carry you right in front of her majesty.”

When Lisa nodded, the three soldiers let go of her.

“Why does she want to see me?”

“You have to call her your majesty or my queen. Behave and be submissive.”

“What?” Lisa called out. “I won’t be submissive to anyone.”

Zara shoved Lisa against the wall. “Keep your mouth shut. She’s the queen and you will obey her. Do you understand?”

Lisa nodded.

The being let her go. “Not a sound,” she whispered before opening the iron doors. “Follow me and bow when you stand in front of the queen,” Zara murmured.

The queen chuckled. “Look who decided to honor me with her presence.” She gazed at Zara. “I thought you took her and flee the colony.” She held out her hand to Lisa.

Lisa glanced at Zara then at the queen.

“Kiss my hand, human,” the queen scoffed.

Lisa raised a brow. “Sorry, I wasn’t informed of protocol,” she mocked before taking the pale hand planting her lips on it.

The queen eyed Zara. “Did you forget your manners, Captain?”

Zara’s eyes enlarged. “I don’t understand, your majesty.”

“What is her name and why didn’t you inform her to kiss my hand when it’s held out. Do I need to spell everything out to you?” The queen’s face flushed again with anger.

“My name is Lisa.” She glanced at the being. “The captain did tell me what to do. It was me who was ignorant because you killed three of my friends which were part of the 27 crewmembers.” Lisa sank to her knees. “You killed 27 people. I worked with them. We were family,” she cried out while tears streaming down her face. “How could you be so brutal? You murderer,” she continued to holler.

The queen rose to her feet. She snapped her fingers to draw Zara’s attention. “Control this mad human.” She glared at Zara. “I want her under control when you bring her again tomorrow. Understood,” she yelled.

Zara nodded while pulling Lisa up. “Please stop yelling and crying. You made the queen angry,” she whispered.

“I don’t care. I spoke the truth. Unless the queen didn’t know of the massacre on my ship. Then you and only you are at fault.” Lisa is beyond herself. She smacked Zara’s hands away as she tried to help her up. “Leave me alone. I told you to never touch me again.”

The captain threw her hands in the air after she rose to her feet. “I’m done.” She pushed a button on her jacket collar. “Send three soldiers to the capital hall. Immediately,” she called out.

Within minutes, three soldiers barged through the doors of the capital hall.

“Take this human to her unit. See that she gets victuals and liquid,” Zara barked her orders.

She eyed the empty thrown before she rushed out of the capital hall.


Zara sat in the victuals hall scraping the grub from side to side in the dish.

“Repast not to your liking today, Captain?” the cook asked.

 “Too much on my mind, Kali.” Zara took a bit of the grub before pushing the dish to the side. She stood up, patted Kali on the shoulder before saying, “Nothing wrong with the grub. You know I always like whatever you put in front of me.”

Kali nodded. “Peaceful night, Captain.”

Zara waved as she made her way to the exit. “And you too,” she called out when leaving.

Half-way to her unit a viewscreen opened up on the wall.

“My darling captain, could you join me in my chambers?”

Zara was so tired she could hardly stay on her feet. She placed one hand against the wall to keep her balance. “I’ll be right there, my queen.”

When the viewscreen vanished, she shut her eye for a moment before pushing herself away from the wall. She sighed as she sauntered through the empty corridors towards the queen’s manor.

The captain brushed her raven black hair backward before she knocked on the doors of the chamber.

She entered on command.

The queen stood before her in a see-through negligée. “You like her, don’t you?”

Zara furrowed her brows. “Sorry, my queen. I don’t follow.”

“Oh come on Captain. Stop playing dumb. Your onyx eyes glinted violet when you looked at her on the platform after you’ve returned. And she mentioned that it happened on the ship as well.”

Leneveath pushed herself against, Zara. “You know she won’t be able to please you, ever.” The queen brushed her fingers across Zara's cheek. “Why don’t you feel that way about me? I can give you anything your heart desires.”

“I’m not looking for wealth, my queen.”

Leneveath shrugged. “Pity,” she scoffed before dropping the negligée to the floor. “Even though we’re not the same species, I’m able to please you. You know that, Zara.”

Zara nodded. “Do you wish to be pleasured now, your majesty?”

“Yes, but in true form. I hate looking like this every day.” With that said, she shapeshifted into her true form.

A creature with bony arms, legs fingers, and body, appeared in front of Zara. “Come on, don’t be shy now,” the bony queen said.

Zara got rid of her leather clothing she loved so much. Within seconds she shapeshifted into her true form as well.

The two species looked almost similar, except Zara had no genitals.

The two creatures embraced each other.

In true form, Zara was an Alpha female. She swept the queen off her feet and carried her to the bed.

Tired of the day’s work, Zara had a slow start.

“Captain, aren’t you even turned on by me?”

“I am your majesty. It’s just that I had a rough day.”

“I’ll show you what’s rough, Alpha.” Leneveath crawled out from underneath Zara. She pushed her onto her back before straddling the captain.

When the queen commenced vibrating, Zara barely shivered.

“Come on, Zara. This will do you good. I’m always vibrant after such a session.”

The queen built up to a higher frequency.

Finally, Zara was vibrating as well. As Alpha, she had to be on top and change their position.

Her vibration frequency became higher.

The bed shook.

The windows clattered.

The cupboards crackled.

The door rattled.

“Leneveath, my frequency is on 700. You know I can go higher, do you want me to?” Zara yelled.

“Oh yes, my Alpha. Generate more.”

When Zara generated until she reached a thousand. The windows shattered.

“I want more. More pleasure,” Leneveath heaved while grasping Zara’s bony back.

When both creatures generated at a much higher vibration frequency they reached a blueish glow, which meant they were in a state of pleasuring each other.

Their vibrations slowed down into a shiver until it stopped.

Leneveath lied in Zara’s arm. “Don’t you feel exuberated?”

“Zara’s thoughts were with Lisa. If only she could give her pleasure.

A nudge in her side brought Zara back to reality. “Yes, my queen. I feel less tiring.”

She removed her arm from underneath the queen’s head.

Zara shapeshifted back into human form.

As she began dressing, the queen grabbed her by the arm. “Why don’t you stay for the night? The moons are full and bright. They might inspire you into another vibration frequency with me.”

Zara shook her head. “Thank you for the invitation. I enjoyed the night, but I need my rest to fulfill my duties tomorrow, your majesty.”

“As you wish, Captain.” The queen shapeshifted back into human form. “I’ll call you when I need you again.” She planted a kiss on her cheek. “Peaceful night, my captain.” She smiled at her before getting into bed naked.

Zara cast her eyes to the floor before she bowed. “And to you, my queen,” she replied before leaving the chambers.

She shut the doors as well as her eyes.

It was late but she had to check up on the human.

Zara raced down the dim corridor. She came to a halt in front of Lisa’s unit. Her hand remained in mid-air for a while before she knocked.

After a few minutes, she decided that it would be best just to enter the unit as she did earlier that day. She punched the code into the keypad. The door swooshed open.

Her heart raced when she saw the sleeping human on the bed.

Zara paced forward. When she reached Lisa, she couldn’t help reaching out to her face brushing her finger up and down her cheek. “You are so beautiful,” she whispered.

Lisa moved.

Zara removed her hand. She didn’t want to wake the human.

She glanced at the table in the center of the unit. The dish with repast and the liquid stood on the table, untouched.

Lisa moved again. Her eyes flickered as she woke.

The unit was dark except for the two small violet glow moving mid-air.

“What are you doing in my room this time of the night?” Lisa asked. Her voice was loud and harsh.

“Do you mind keeping your voice down,” Zara whispered.

“Why? Are you scared your people will find out that you’re a pervert hanging around in single women’s rooms after midnight?”

Zara rushed over to her. She placed her hand over Lisa’s mouth. “I know I’m not supposed to be here, but I wanted to check on you before I retire for the night.”

Lisa grabbed the hand shoving it away from her mouth. “And what were your findings, Captain?”

“That you haven’t touched your grub or liquid. You must be starving. Aren’t you thirsty by now?”

Lisa swung her feet off the bed. “Did you see that water?”


“Yes, the liquid as you call it. It’s filthy. I refuse to drink that and neither will I eat that shit you call food, or repast or what the fuck you ever calling it.”

Zara snapped her fingers. The unit brightened immediately with radiant light.

She took the container of liquid inspecting it against the light. It was a bit muddy looking, but all their liquid looked like this. She put the container down before she picked up the dish with the repast. “There’s nothing wrong with this grub. I had the same this evening. Did you even taste it?”

“I can’t stomach the smell. As for the liquid, do you boil it before you drink it?”

“Why would we boil liquid? We like it cold, not warm. It’s supposed to satisfy your thirst.”

“I want that liquid boiled and cooled down before I will drink it.”

“Then you’re not thirsty.” Zara made her way to the door. She stopped before turning to face Lisa. “I will tell the cooks tomorrow to boil your water. The victual hall is closed for the night. If it wasn’t I would’ve done it for you.”

Lisa nodded with a smile. “When can I see the seven women you took from my ship?”

“Good oracle. One thing at a time, human.” Zara flew around rushing out the door without slamming it shut this time.


Lisa woke when someone knocked on the door. She jumped out of bed to open the door. A being dressed in white stood in the corridor holding out a container. When Lisa took it from him, he swung around. He raced down the corridor before disappearing around one of the corners. She shrugged when she shut the door.

Lisa eyed the container. Could it be her boiled water? She screwed the top off. She grimaced when she poured some of the water into a glass. “It still looks the same,” she cried out.

Her head flung sideways to the door when there was another knock.

She placed the glass of filthy water and the container onto the table before she headed over to the door.

“Captain?” she called out when she opened the door. “It’s not custom for you to knock. Why didn’t you barge in as you did so many times yesterday?”

“I’m not here to argue with you. How did you find the boiled water?”

“Ugh, it’s still the same as the others you brought yesterday.”

Zara took her by the shoulders and moved her aside. “She marched over to the table. She picked up the glass. “Is this what you received this morning?”

Lisa nodded.

Zara took a sip from the glass. “Hmm, nothing wrong with it. It does taste better boiled.” She held the glass to Lisa. “Drink.”

“No. Thank. You.”

“Taste it before you judge, for oracle’s sake.”

“Yeah, like you judge yesterday when you killed those men who were part of my team.” Lisa’s face flushed red with anger.

“That was not a judgment call. Non-females are not allowed on this planet. That’s the law of Vitari,” Zara called out.

“I want to see the seven women of my crew.”

“First you need to taste this liquid.” She held out the glass to Lisa again. “Drink. Now.”

Lisa took the glass from her. “If I vomit, you’ll clean the floor.”

“We have floor sweepers. They’ll clean it. Now drink.”

Lisa took a deep breath before she brought the glass to her mouth. She glanced at Zara.

“Drink,” the captain yelled.

Lisa’s hand shivered as she tilted the glass. She shut her eyes before taking a sip. She opened her eyes when she emptied the glass.

“Well? Is your thirst satisfied?”

“Yes, but I’m nauseous.” Lisa held her hand in front of her mouth while gagging.

Zara led her to the bathroom. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

Lisa barfed in what was supposed to be a toilet. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Why is there no water taps? I need to clean up.”

“The showers are sonic, which means it doesn’t use water, but sonic waves instead,” Zara informed her on returning.

“What’s in your hand?” Lisa asked.

“You can use it as a strainer. If we pour the liquid through the strainer the muck will remain behind and the liquid won’t make you vomit.”

Lisa smirked. “And you show me this now after you made me drink that shitty water?” She grabbed the strainer. When she reached the desk, she placed the strainer over the glass before pouring some of the water in it. The water was clearer, most of the muck stayed behind. She showed it to Zara. “This goo shit doesn’t belong in water or liquid.”

Zara took the glass from her. Her eyes enlarged when she sipped some of the water. “You taught us a great deal. I will never drink unboiled or unstrained liquid again.” She embraced Lisa. “The queen will be forever grateful,” she added as she shut her eyes. The human was soft. Her hair smelled like… the beautiful bushes that grew wild outside the compound.

Lisa pushed Zara away. “Can I see my crewmembers now?”

Zara nodded. “I will take you to the san. To my knowledge, they haven’t woken up yet.”

The Captain waited in the corridor while Lisa took a sonic shower. After she got dressed, she joined Zara. “That shower of yours wasn’t bad at all.”

Zara smiled. “I’m glad you found it pleasant,” she said before glancing at Lisa, which was a mistake.

“Hey, your eyes turned violet again.”

“Certain light in the corridors do that to my eyes,” Zara fibbed.

Lisa furrowed her brows.

Last night she was in the dark when her eyes turned violet. She decided to leave it there. She was just as tired of arguing as the captain was.

They turned another few corners before they reached the san. Zara pushed the door open. She stood aside for Lisa to enter first.

“Good day, Qalu,” Zara greeted.

When the doctor turned around, she gave them a broad smile. “How is my patient doing?” she asked gazing at Lisa.

“I’m well. I’m here to see the seven women brought in yesterday after I left here.”

Qalu glanced at Zara then back at Lisa. “Why the prophet would you want to see them?”

“They were part of my crew. I need to see them. Are they still alive?” The tears welled up in Lisa’s eyes.

“Yes, yes, they are alive, but they are still unconscious.” Qalu motioned with her hand. “Come this way. We’ve put all of them together.”

Lisa entered the large cubicle.

The only ones left of our mission.

Tears streamed down her face as she walked up to each bed. She stopped next to Olivia’s bed. Her hand reached out to touch her face. The tips of her fingers brushed over her cheek. Her thumb brushed over her cracked lips. “You have to live, darling,” she whispered when she threw herself over Olivia’s body.

Zara dragged her off Olivia. “You’ve seen enough for today. I will bring you to visit again tomorrow.”

In the corner of her eye, Zara noticed a viewscreen shut off.

“I think the queen wants to see you now.” Zara took hold of Lisa’s arm. She followed willingly this time.

They arrived at the capital hall. Zara knocked before entering with Lisa on her heels.

“Captain Zara, did I call for you?” the queen asked.

Zara bowed. “You did not, your majesty, but you said you wanted to see the human again.”

“I’m not interested in her anymore. One of the seven in the san seems far more interesting to me. I’ll wait until she woke and call for her.” She waved her hand. “You can go.”

Zara bowed again. She took Lisa by the arm before marching out of the capital hall.

The smile on her face disappeared when Lisa spoke.

“What now? Am I going to sit in my room until my crewmembers wake up? Or are you going to make me work in the kitchen or doing cleaning work? What is my purpose here?”

Lisa fell against Zara grasping her while tears ran down her face.

Zara gasped when she felt the human female form pushed against her.

She brushed her hand over the golden-brown hair while the other hand rubbed over her back. “We will find your purpose, Lisa,” she replied before taking her back to her unit.


Zara jumped out of bed when trumpets announced the queen’s presence. What was she doing in this part of the compound? She never came here. And why didn’t she notified her that she was paying a visit?

Zara shapeshifted into human form, before putting on her usual leather clothing. She brushed her dark hair backward with her fingers. Ready to face the queen, she marched out of her unit to where the trumpets sounded.

When she finally found them, she bowed before Queen Leneveath. “Your majesty, this is a surprise. If I may ask, what are you doing in this part of the compound?” Zara smiled when she stood up straight.

The queen burst with laughter. “Always inquisitive, my captain…” The smile disappeared. “I’m on my way to see a patient in the san.” She smirked gazing at Zara. “The one they called Olivia. I’ve been told that she’s awake. She will be better than that one you can’t control.” She flicked her hand. “Out of my way. I will find a giver of delectation on my own.”

Zara stood aside as she bowed again.

Qalu never told her one of Lisa’s crewmembers were awake.

She raced over to Lisa’s unit. After punching in the code, she entered.

“Oh my god. Do you always prefer to barge into people’s room?” she yelled out while holding a towel in front of her.

“One of your crewmembers is awake. They said it’s the one called Olive.”

Lisa’s eyes enlarged. “Olivia”

“Yes, Olivia. The queen just told me. She is on her way there now.” Zara paced up and down. “The queen wants her in your place.” She stopped while staring at Lisa to see her reaction.

“What?” Her voice raised a few octaves higher. “That bitch can’t have her. Olivia is my girlfriend.” She dropped the towel.

Zara’s eyes enlarged as she gazed at the naked human in front of her.

“Stop staring and rather turn around, Captain,” Lisa called out. She went through the crates still filled with her clothing. She found something comfortable to wear. “We can go, I’m done,” she said when she skidded past Zara towards the door.

“You’re mask,” Zara said while it dangled on the tip of her finger.

Lisa grabbed it. She shoved it onto her face. When it was in position, she punched the button to open the door. “Come on, we have to run,” she called out.

The two of them rushed through the corridors towards the san.

They were just in time to find the queen there raising her voice at the doctor. “Why in prophet’s name did you tell me she was awake? I specifically asked for this one.” She poked Olivia on the forehead. “Does she look awake to you?”

Qalu shook her head.

Queen Leneveath stepped closer to the doctor. “I want her awake within the next twenty-four hours.” She pushed her face into Qalu’s face before whispering. “If she’s not awake by tomorrow this time, I’ll have your head for repast.” She glared at the doctor before she flung around. Her eyebrow rose when she noticed her captain and the human in the doorway. “Did you go and warned the human, Captain?” she asked while twirling her finger over Zara’s face.

“You can’t have Olivia, she’s my girlfriend.”

“Captain, can you please keep your human under control,” the queen screamed when she faced Lisa. “I can do whatever I please, human. You better watch yourself or I’ll desolate you.” She eyed Zara. “I want you in my chambers, Captain. Now,” she exclaimed before marching out of the san.

As the trumpets sounded when the queen left, following by her entourage, Zara and Lisa glanced at each other.

“What am I going to do?” Lisa asked.

Zara cast her eyes to the floor. “I have no answers for you now. I have to follow them. I can’t be late.”

“What does she want from you?”

“You don’t want to know and I rather not say.” Zara moved towards the exit of the san. “Speak with Qalu. I’m sure she will help you,” she remarked before disappearing.

Zara ran down the corridors following the sound of the trumpets. She had to hurry. The queen was angry. If she would be late, it would only infuriate her even more.

Zara caught up with the queen and her entourage. She followed them until they reach the queen’s manor.

Only when everyone had left, Zara stepped forward knocking on the manor door before entering. She slowed down her pace knowing what awaited her in the queen’s chamber.

She finally reached the chamber door. Before she could knock, the queen opened the door.

“I smelled you and that made me lust for you.” The queen grabbed her by the arm. She dragged Zara inside the chamber. She groped the captain’s body.

Zara caught the queen’s hands, grasping them. “I’m not your plaything anymore, Leneveath.”

The queen smirked. “If you refuse to give me pleasure, your human will pay the consequences.”

Zara’s let go of the queen's hands before she dropped her arms to her sides. “You cannot do that to me or her.” Tears welled up in Zara’s eyes. “She didn’t ask to be here. She won’t survive out there,” she dropped to her knees in front of the queen. “Please, have mercy, your majesty.” Zara swallowed. “I will do whatever you ask of me,” she said while kissing Leneveath’s feet.

“Oh stand up, Zara. I won’t desolate your precious human.” She moved away from the crouching Captain. After the queen took place on the side of the bed, she glanced at the captain who had risen to her feet. “I’m disappointed, Captain.”

“Why, your majesty?”

“I never saw you for a coward begging for a human life. I always thought you were this strong creature, afraid of nothing. Kill at will, but today, today you cried. You begged.”

They eyed each other.

“True form, now.”

Zara nodded.

She undressed.

Her skin became leathery. Her head grew larger. Her bones became longer. Her body contorted as she shifted. She stood seven-feet tall on her hind legs after she transmuted.

She stared at her queen on the bed who had already shifted into her true form.

The queen couldn’t see the hatred behind the tiny eyes.

Zara moved slowly towards the bed. What would happen if she killed her queen? Only Lisa knew that she was here.

“Come on. I don’t have all day. I’m tense and I want to get rid of it,” the queen called out.

Zara got on top of the queen. She shut her eyes to get rid of the negative thoughts that built up inside of her. She wouldn’t be able to perform with all this negative energy inside her head and body.


Zara returned to the san where she found Lisa sitting next to Olivia. She nodded when Lisa raised her head and smiled. “Did Qalu find something to wake Olivia?”

“No, not yet. She’s been busy concocting something in the back since you left to entertain the queen.”

Zara shook her head before she strolled to the back of the san. “Qalu?” she called out.

Qalu sank to her knees. “Oh good oracle, are you here to kill me, Captain?”  She clamped her hands together. “I’m sorry but I haven’t found anything to wake the human yet.”

Zara took Qalu by the arms helping her up to her feet. She placed her hands on the doctor’s shoulders. “I'm not here to kill you.”

Qalu chuckled. “Now I just made a fool of myself.” Her hands shivered while she gathered the medicines she had in her hands when she fell.

“Let me help you,” Zara said while bending forward picking up roots, leaves, and small containers. She looked around. “Well, I guess that’s all of it.”

The doctor smiled as she bowed a few times thanking the captain for her help.

Zara headed back to Lisa. “Is she your mate?”

Lisa nodded. “We would have been the first wedding ceremony in the Andromeda galaxy. Now I don’t even know if she will ever wake up.” She wiped the single tear from her cheek.

Zara sighed. This human was out of her reach. She already had a mate. She placed her hand on Lisa’s shoulder. “I’m heading off to the victual. You can join me if you’re hungry.” She left without waiting for a reply.

She rolled her eyes. Lisa wouldn’t be able to eat in the victual, but her company would’ve been good.

On her way to the victual, she stopped walking.

They could build a device for Lisa to breathe without having to wear that mask.

Zara diverted her route. She marched to the science laboratory instead.

The laboratory was on the other side of the compound.

When she reached it, she punched in her code to be able to enter.

“What are you doing on this side of the compound? We only see you on the viewscreen or when you are honored by our queen for some bravery you’ve done.” Fersa grinned from ear to ear. “Something I can help you with?”

Zara scanned the lab. “Is Yenn here?”

Fersa shook her head. “She picked up a virus we were working on. She’ll probably be back in two days.”

The captain sighed. Yenn was the best scientist in their colony. She cleared her throat. “Then you must help. I know Yenn would if she was here.”

Fersa’s eyes enlarged. “It sounds serious. What is it, Captain?”

“There are humans in the compound. We replaced our aerosphere with Earth’s so they can breathe without a mask in their units,” Zara explained.

“And they have to wear the mask when they leave their unit, right?” Fersa continued.

Zara nodded. “I want them to move around without those masks. I want them to blend in with all of us.”

“Hmmm.” Fersa tapped her lips with her index finger. “I have to see the human? I need to see how their respiratory system functions. I don’t want to take chances.”

Zara nodded again. “It won’t be a problem. Can I bring her now?”

Fersa turned facing her work area. “I’m a bit busy…” She nodded. “Bring her now. I can put that on hold,” she said motioning to her work area.

“I’m bound to you.” Zara patted her on the shoulder.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Captain. You are not bound to me. We help each other because one day I might need help from you,” Fersa said with a smile. “Now, go and get that human.”

Zara swung around.

When she exited the laboratory, she rocketed back to the san.

The captain barged into the san. “Is Lis– Is the human still here?” she asked Qalu who gawked at her with enlarged eyes.

“Is there something wrong, Zara?” she asked grabbing her by the shoulders.

Zara shook her head as she bent forward resting her hands on her knees to catch her breath. “Is she still here,” she asked again while panting.

“No, she left already.”

Zara stood upright. “Did she go back to her unit?”

“No, she went to get clothes for her friend.”

“What?” Zara stared at the doctor. “Which friend?”

Qalu smiled broadly. “I managed to wake Olivia up. Now the queen can have her and not my head.”

Zara gasped. Olivia is awake. Her mate is awake…

She shut her eyes shaking her head. She was happy for Qalu because the queen was serious when she said she would eat her head.

Now Lisa could not be hers anymore.

The queen would soon get tired of Olivia. Then Lisa will be together with her mate again.

She sauntered out of the san bumping into Lisa.

“Did you hear, Olivia is awake,” she exclaimed. “She can leave the san.” Lisa couldn’t stop smiling. “I have to go.” She showed Zara the clothes. “Olivia needs to get dressed. I’m so happy.”

Zara forced a smile. “I’m happy for you as well.” She prevented herself to remind Lisa that her mate had to entertain the Queen. She shrugged. Let her recalled it by herself.

The Captain jumped with fright when one of the viewscreens opened on the wall next to her.

The Queen’s face appeared on the screen. She laughed aloud. “My human is awake,” she called out.

Zara nodded. “I know your majesty. I just came from the san where I heard the wonderful news from Qalu.”

“I want you to go back and bring her to me.”

Zara gasped aloud. “Your majesty she –”

She cut the captain off mid-sentence. “Bring her to me. Immediately,” she yelled.

Zara ground her teeth. “I will go back and bring her to you, at once, your majesty.” She bowed. When she looked up the viewscreen was gone.

The captain headed back to the san where she found the two humans hugging, laughing, and hugging again.

Lisa glanced at her. “Captain, you’re back. Did you forget something?”

“I’m here for your mate. The queen wants to see her.”

When Zara reached for Olivia’s arm, Lisa smacked it away. “Over my dead body will she go to that bitch,” she cried out.

Zara cast her head down. “I’m just following orders, Lisa.”

“She won’t go. She just woke up and is not capable of gallivanting with the fucking queen.” Lisa teared up.

“What is going on, Sweetheart,” Olivia asked as she pulled Lisa into an embrace. She glanced at Zara. “Who are you and what does the queen want with me?”

“She’s the queen’s captain and her plaything.” Lisa sobbed. “Now she wants you because she doesn’t fancy me anymore.” Tears streamed down her face. She grasped Olivia. “I won’t let you go. I refuse to let you go to that monster.” She dried her face with the back of her hand. “They killed all the men that were in our crew. Only the eight of us survived because we are women.”

Tears welled up in Olivia’s eyes. “Tommy is gone and the rest too?” she asked, her voice shivering.

Lisa nodded, unable to utter another word.

“Is this a lesbian place?” Olivia asked.

“This is a planet that has only women on it, darling. They took us farther than the Andromeda galaxy.”

Olivia gasped aloud. “What? How did they manage to do that?”

“Hyperdrive, Olivia. We jump through subspace –”

“I know what hyperdrive is, dammit.” She glared at Zara. “I just didn’t know it was possible.”

Zara held out her hand. “We need to go. The queen is waiting.”

“If she has to go, I’m going too,” Lisa chipped in.

“Alright then.” Zara nodded while waiting for the two humans to get off the bed.

They headed for the san exit.

Zara turned to them. “Lisa, when you’re in the presence of the queen could you please contain yourself.” She glanced at Olivia. “That goes for you too.”

The two humans glanced at each other.

Olivia pulled a face while shrugging.

“I’ll tell you everything when we’re back in our room,” Lisa whispered.


Lisa returned to her unit without Olivia. If it weren’t for Captain Zara carrying her, she would’ve still been lying on the floor of the capital hall.

Zara placed her on the bed. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yes, fuck off,” Lisa sobbed.

“I don’t know what ‘fuck off’ means.” Zara glanced at her. The human’s eyes were red and swollen.

“Leave me alone. Get out of my room.” She jumped upright. “I don’t want to see you again. I don’t want water. I don’t want food. I don’t want anything from this place.” She dropped down onto the bed burying her face in the pillow letting out a scream.

Zara sighed before she turned towards the door. She exited Lisa’s unit without saying anything further.

Lisa turned her face sideways.

She eyed the unit. She and Olivia would’ve stayed here together. Now she belongs to another.

Tears trickled down her cheeks.

Why didn’t Olivia fight for her? Fight to stay with her?

She took the frame with a photo of the two of them from the nightstand. She brushed her fingers over Olivia’s face.

Glass and wood scattered when the frame hit the wall. “Fuck you and your queen. I hate you,” she hollered.

Lisa stood up from the bed heading to the crates in the corner. She dug through one of them. There had to be something in there to eat. She already ate all the candy bars she hid between her clothes, the first two days she was here.

Her stomach grumbled.

Two days without food.

There was no way that she would eat that shit they dished up.

She found a packet containing six granola bars. She shut her eyes. This had to be one of Tommy’s crates. He loved granola bars.

When she returned to her bed, she tore the packet open. The bars dropped onto the bed. She grabbed one of them. Her hands were shaking as she plucked the wrapper from the bar.

Lisa sank onto the bed closing her eyes when the sweet taste of the layer of chocolate and toffee hit her tastebuds. The coarse oats and nuts were chewy when they mixed with the toffee. “Divine,” she muttered.

The combination of the saltiness of the nuts and the sweetness of the toffee made her salivating. She got hold of another bar. After she removed the wrapper, she consumed it in minutes.

She glanced at the table with the water container.

Lisa grimaced before she got up again.

She needed to wash the granola bars down. This was the only water available.

After she used the strainer, she emptied two glasses of the so-called liquid.

She rubbed her stomach. It didn’t rumble anymore.

Two granola bars a day would suffice. She had four left, enough for two more days. She needed to find out where they put the rest of the crates.

Lisa eyed the walls of her unit.

Not taking her eyes off the wall, she swung her feet off the bed.

Where would she find the viewscreen?

She moved up and down, side to side the wall tapping it with her index finger. Nothing. “How the hell do I get in touch with someone, anyone. Captain Zara would  –”

Lisa gasped aloud when a viewscreen came on with Zara’s face on it.

“You called for me. I thought you said I had to fuck off.” Zara glared at her.

“How did I make that work? I was searching for a button or something to turn the screen on.”

“The viewscreen comes on as soon as you call someone’s name. The compound walls are full of places for the screen to come on. It’s also full of comms. So, be careful what you say that you don’t want others to hear.”

Lisa gaped at her.

“Now, what was it that you wanted?”



She gawked at Zara for a while before clearing her head. “I want to know where the other crates are that you took from my ship.”

“Those crates belong to your crewmembers and are not for the taking.”

“What the fuck do you mean? Olivia probably won’t be needing hers. The others are still unconscious and the rest of them is dead.” She glared at Zara. “There are crates containing food. I need them or I will starve.”

“But you get repast every day.”

Lisa rolled her eyes. “I can’t and won’t eat that shit. I won’t even give it to a dog.”

“Then how did you survive the past week without having the grub?”

“I’ve been eating candy bars and energy bars that were stashed away in my clothes and Tommy’s clothes.” She crossed her arms. “Yeah, why is Tommy’s crate in my room?”

Zara shrugged. “Mistakes happen.”

“Could you please show me where you keep those crates? I need real food, not just candy bars.”

“There’s nothing wrong with our grub. Maybe you should try it.”

The viewscreen disappeared.

“No. Come back,” Lisa cried out.

Tears ran down her face as she flopped onto her bed.

“I hate this place. I’m going to starve to death. You will carry my dead corpse out of here.”

“As far as I know a corpse is dead.”

Lisa jumped upright. “Oh shut up, dammit.”

Zara smiled at her.

“What are you doing in my room? Once again entering without knocking.”

“I don’t want you to starve to death. Get your mask and follow me.”

Lisa fell back against the pillows. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

Zara threw her hands in the air. “Why do you have to be this stubborn?” She turned around heading for the door. She stopped to glance at the human. “Then you won’t get the crates you’re looking for.”

When Zara turned back to the door, Lisa yelled. “Wait.” Within seconds, she stood next to Zara.

The captain smiled as she opened the door.

Her eyes had hues of violet when she glanced back at Lisa.

“Your eyes…”

“Forget my eyes. Let’s go”

They proceeded to the west end of the compound to the storage area. There were rows and rows of structures.

Zara unlocked one of the units.

Lisa’s eyes teared up when she recognized the crates. She paced towards them. When she reached the stack of crates, her fingers traced across each name labeled on those crates she was able to reach.

“About ten of the crates are filled with canned and dried food. How are we going to get those crates out of here?”

“Take what you need for a week. I will bring you back when your rations are depleted.”

Lisa embraced Zara. “Thank you,” she mumbled in her neck. “Forgive me for being such a dick to you.”

Zara placed her arms around Lisa’s waist. “I don’t know what a dick is, but I think I understand that you’re apologizing to me.”

Lisa glanced up at her. “Your eyes are violet again and yes, I’m apologizing.” She smiled when she laid her head against Zara’s shoulder.

She could fell for this handsome captain, but… she wasn’t human and then there was Olivia. How long would she have to stay with the queen? Forever?

She refused to wait forever. She yearned for a woman’s touch.

Lisa raised her head glancing at Zara’s face. The violet eyes. The thin pink lips. The prominent cheekbones.

Did she know how to kiss? Did any of these aliens know how to make love? Did they make love at all or were they just here without purpose on this planet in this colony?

~The End~

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